Yo Baby!!

by Hope Sewell on January 4, 2011

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I think it is safe to say that breakfast is the easiest meal in the Sewell house….as far as prep time and work for me.  On most weekdays, everybody goes to the pantry or fridge to retrieve whatever it is they want to start their day (weekends are a totally different story).  I’m a horrible person and rarely eat breakfast.  When I do, it’s some sort of cereal.  For Keith, it’s almost always a 365 brand cereal bar from Whole Foods.  We always buy them by the case when we are in our second home, Birmingham.  Ruthie is very finicky when it comes to food.  Here lately she’s been on a “Pillsbury biscuit with jelly” kick (the frozen kind).  Tobin is a cereal man all the way!!  He normally eats bowl after bowl after bowl of Cocoa Krispies or Cocoa Pebbles.  These are gluten and corn free, therefore they are safe for him to eat. 

 This morning it was just me and Lilly at the breakfast table.  Ruthie and Tobin spent the night with Meme and Pepa.

 As soon as Lilly wakes up in the morning she goes straight to the kitchen for a “cuppy”.  This is her “lazy” way of saying “Cup please!”  After she downs her juice she asks for her “ogurt” (yogurt).

   She’s reached the stage of major independence.  She needs absolutely no help with anything!!

She LOVES her Yo Baby yogurt!! 

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