What A Weekend

by Hope Sewell on February 21, 2011

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We have had an incredibly eventful weekend.  Friday and Saturday I spoke at a ladies’ retreat for Salem Baptist (in Enterprise) at Panama City Beach.  The beach is a GREAT place for a retreat.  The gulf just oozes refreshment and rejuvenation for me. 
I am so thankful for what God did in my own life while I was there and I pray that the ladies feel the same.  I really have never been with a group of women who seemed as unpretentious as these did.  They were all so kind and a lot of fun to be around.  I left feeling like I’d known them for years.
Keith was able to go with me and that truly worked out great.  I so enjoyed our time together.  We don’t get a lot of down time to just hang out and “date”.  So I was glad that this weekend doubled as “work” for me as well as a mini vacation for the two of us.  We had an interesting situation go on with our neighbors in the hotel room beside us…something that can’t be discussed over cyber space….WOW!!  You’ll have to ask me about that story the next time you see me.  😉
We returned from the beach just in time to get ready for our first preview service for Redeemer.  If you don’t know about Redeemer, check out the website redeemer.cc .  

After all the excitement of the day and weekend we are WIPED OUT!!!  I’m afraid it’s going to take more than 8 hours of sleep to recover and we’ve got another busy week ahead.  YIKES!

I’ve had a little bit of time to think and reflect this weekend (which is always good).  I’ve been thinking a lot about the people in my life….well, I guess I’ve really been thinking about the people that are NOT in my life.  When you have life changing/ life altering events in your life and you look around, who’s there?  The theme of the ladies’ retreat this weekend was friendship.  I’ve spent WWWEEEEEKKKKKSSSS  studying and preparing for each session and so I am really looking at my friend relationships in a whole new light.  It’s been interesting to see, in MY life, right here right now when things look a lot differently than they used to, who my friends really are.  I’ll have to say, most of my friends have totally blown my mind in their love and support for us.  But, honestly, I’ve been disappointed and hurt by some people (not necessarily my friends but other relationships that I have).  People that I thought should support us….haven’t. And I guess, if I’m totally honest, I thought these people should support us but I never really thought they would.  But, nonetheless, it is still hurtful and disappointing and sad.  In one of my sessions this weekend I told a story of a British publication having a contest for the best definition of a friend.  There were TONS of entries and the winning definition read, “A friend is the one who comes in when the whole world has gone out.”  I think that’s a GREAT definition.  And it describes in some ways where we are at the Sewell house.  We are walking through a time where our whole world has gone out and our friends have come in, some old and some new.  Friends are some of God’s greatest blessings.  And I am very thankful for the people that He has put into our lives in the right here right now.  SSSSOOOO….from here on out, instead of looking around and noticing who is missing in my life, I want to look around and focus on who is standing beside and around me.  So if you are one of those standing beside me, I’m so very grateful for you!!!  I hope and pray that I enrich your life as much as you enrich mine!  Hugs!!  And Kisses!!!!
I feel like I haven’t given enough glory to God in this post so I want to now.  He has blessed us so much!!  He blessed me personally with a wonderful husband and a wonderful weekend.  He provided strength and confidence as I led each of my sessions at the retreat.  And He so encouraged us at our first preview service with the Redeemer family.  He has been so good to us.  And even if I turn around and not only has the whole world gone out but my friends have too, He will still be there and forever will be.  I’m so glad He calls me friend!!

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Nicole Green February 21, 2011 at 12:31 pm

If I lived in your area I would be at Redeemer! Thanks for the post and your sweet, sweet spirit. Totally comes through in your writing.


Jamie February 21, 2011 at 1:40 pm

Glad to be at Redeemer and thankful to be your friend :) I love the pics…Emily whispering to Ethan and then Nolan and Sam having their own conversation is too cute!


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