What Makes A Good Friend?

by Hope Sewell on January 12, 2011

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I’ll be speaking in February at a woman’s conference in Panama City, Florida.  The theme for the conference is friendship.  We’ll be talking about what it means to have Almighty God as our friend, how to be friends with each other (which seems to be an issue with the female race) and the importance of having/being a mentor.  These are not the session titles but the ideas that they will be based on.   [Let me just pause my little blog post here and ask WHO IN THE WORLD KEEPS TAKING MY POST-IT NOTES OFF OF MY DESK AND NOT RETURNING THEM???  Is it my husband???  or my children???….of course it could be that I’ve walked off with them and left them somewhere else.  Still, very frustrating though to have a thought and not be able to write it down!!]….FOUND’em!! 😉 

Ok…I’ve got some ideas of my own but I wanted to ask you, what makes a good friend??  What is it that you want from a girlfriend or a mentor?  Do you deal with jealousy and rivalry?  Do you deal with codependency?  How has a “good friend” helped you through a situation?  Do you find that your friends come and go with the seasons of life?  How do you feel about that??
I’m just doing some research and wanted to get some opinions.  You got any??  😉

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Nicole Green January 14, 2011 at 5:47 pm

Oh girl, have I got opinions on this subject. You would have to know the whole dynamic of my life but I'll give a quick snipet. I have 3 sisters and a brother, my parents have been married for 47 years. My family for all appearances is "perfect". I however am NOT. I happen to be the only one in the family that had devastating things happen to me from the age 13 until I married my husband. Although I have lots of sisters I love to death, my friends are my life line. When I say friends I am talking about girls I have been friends w/ since 9th grade. True friends can see you without the mask, with kids that misbehave and still adore you. They can hear how much you HATE your husband, knowing you will love him again tomorrow and not recommend you leave him nor quote scripture, just laugh because we all know that our commitment to our men is unshakeable. When you are tempted to do something wrong they say "don't you dare, you know better" without judgement in their voice. Okay, so sorry I wrote so much, I think I could write a book on this subject. Hope that helped. Good luck with your conference, topics sound amazing.


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