Tutorial Tuesday {Special Announcement!!}

by Hope Sewell on February 14, 2012

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Happy Tuesday Tutorial and Valentine’s Day to everybody!!

Thanks for the many comments and questions you’ve sent my way about last week’s tutorial….having perfectly diced carrots!  😉  I know it was a simple tutorial but I always enjoy learning something new or an easier way to do what I’m already doing.
Per request, I am working on a video tutorial for dicing an onion.  It’s different than any other vegetable really.  There are some picky and texture sensitive eaters in the Sewell house and the way I dice my onions MATTERS!!


Today’s tutorial is going to be a bit different and it coincides with my very special announcement!!

I have recently embarked on a new business venture.  As a stay-at-home mom of 3 and pastor’s wife, I am always looking for ways to help share the load in the financial department.  I pinch pennies and scrape and save where I can. Since everything on this earth is temporary,  I believe that’s just a wise thing to do.  But I also like the thoughts of contributing financially to my family as well as emotionally and physically.  After all, at the risk of sounding too much like Troy Bolton and the Wildcats, we ARE all in this together.

So because I love my family and I LOVE the products I’m about to tell you about, I have decided to work as an independent consultant with…

Finding a way to contribute financially and still maintain my role as wife and mom isn’t easy.  But I am so excited about this new opportunity.  There has been quite a buzz about Thirty-One around my neck of the woods.  I attended my first (and only) party in the fall of 2011.  As a result of that party, I hosted one of my own.

The products are FABULOUS!!!
They are fashionable, extremely functional and very affordable.

Can a bag/tote be life changing??
Well for me, the answer is YES!!  I have thoroughly enjoyed the products that I have personally bought.
On our recent travels to doctors (as well as St. Augustine) I have finally had bags/totes that work like I want them to.

When we went for our latest allergist appointments….the one were I used the busy bags…I took 2 Organizing Utility TotesI had one in the back seat with the children for snacks and drinks and I used the other to hold the busy bags and everything else that we needed for our appointment.  And LIFE CHANGING they were!!  The pockets on the outside helped me to keep up with all the little things that were necessary for me to reach immediately. And they were large enough to hold everything we needed and then some.  To me, there is nothing worse than a bag where everything sinks to the bottom and it’s like digging for gold to find what I need.

I have several Thirty-One products and they have all been exactly what I wanted them to be.

But not only are their products fabulous, functional, and affordable but Thirty-One is a business based on faith and the woman found in Proverbs 31.  A woman who is far more precious than jewels.  Who is praised by her husband, blessed by her children and is dressed in dignity and strength.

Not only can I stand behind their products, but also the way they do business.

So where does Tuesday’s Tutorial fit into this??
Well, today I’m going to show you how to get your own Thirty-One products and you can even get them half-price or for FREE!!

To see the brand new catalog for Spring 2012, click HERE!

This link will take you to my personal Thirty-One website http://mythirtyone.com/hopesewell/.  In the bottom left hand corner you’ll see this picture.By clicking here, you’ll get to the new Spring 2012 catalog.  There are some beautiful new prints and new products.  Once you’ve browsed the catalog go back to my Thirty-One homepage.
At the top, you’ll see a row of buttons, click on “Place an Order” and order until your heart is content!!It’s that simple!!

Now, how do you get these great products for FREE??

Host a party!!

I can tell you from experience that hosting a party is THE BEST way to get free stuff.  As I said earlier, I have attended one Thirty-One Party.  At that party I bought $32 worth of products….2 bags and personalization on one of those.  When I hosted my own party, I received 4 free products and 1 $50 bag for $10.  So in all, I have 7 Thirty-One products and I’ve spent $42.  If I had paid full price for everything I have received, it would have cost me $183.  Hello!!!

Want to host your own party??  It’s EASY!!  Email me at hope.sewell1@gmail.com and we’ll set it up.  Don’t stress about hosting it in your home.  If you aren’t comfortable with that, there are other locations that would work perfectly…..such as Atlanta Bread Company or Panera Bread.  Or you can always do a catalog party.

***Right now, when a guest at your party books her own party and YOU ATTEND, you’ll receive a FREE Organizing Utility Tote***in your choice of print.  There is NO limit!!

That’s a $25 tote for FREE!!

You don’t live in my area??  Contact me and you can host an E-Party.  That’s an electronic party with all the shopping done on-line.

Would YOU like to own your own business while working from home and by being an independent consultant with Thirty-One??  Just ask me how!!

Like most women, I like pretty things; they just make me smile.  And this tutorial is all about how to get your own pretty things at great prices.
It’s easy and FUN!!

Celebrate Valentine’s day today buy rewarding yourself!!
*For the whole month of February, for every $31 you spend you receive 31% off ANY item in the catalog!!*


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