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by Hope Sewell on February 27, 2014

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Hello again!!
I’m so glad I’ve finally found a small moment to continue my series on recapping our first trip to Walt Disney World.  I’ll pick up today with our time spent in the….
Walt Disney World Photo Gallery DiscOur original plan had us visiting Animal Kingdom on our last day.  This would have been a Friday.  However, as we watched the weather throughout the week we noticed there was a chance of rain on Friday so we decided to swap up our plans and hit AK on Thursday (since pretty much everything is outside) and do Hollywood Studios on Friday.  This swap up worked PERFECTLY!!
So that’s tip #1
Be as flexible as possible with your schedule.

Speaking of schedules, here’s what ours looked like this.  Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 3.47.45 PMI laugh as I look back on it because our day ended up looking NOTHING like this.  For starters, we had a SUPER late night at the Magic Kingdom the night before so we took things slowly this morning.  Instead of arriving at 8:30 we got there around 10.  It was already super crowded and I personally found Animal Kingdom harder to navigate.
Walt Disney World Photo Gallery Disc Walt Disney World Photo Gallery Disc Walt Disney World Photo Gallery DiscOnce we got in the park we headed straight to the back and got FastPasses for Safari.Walt Disney World Photo Gallery DiscOnce we got our FPs we made the trek to Everest.  Walt Disney World Photo Gallery DiscMy husband and the big kids rode….
Yep…that’s him here in the front with the weird guy on his T-shirt.wdw201332422445926_6889434932_18 He and the children got separated.  Here they are before the ride started. 2013-11-14 11.14.52And here they are in the back…eyes and ears closed.  :)wdw201332422446352_6889434940_18Hehe…neither of them saw the yeti.
While they were riding Lilly and I gathered FastPasses for them to ride Everest again and then we headed on over to DinoLand.Walt Disney World Photo Gallery DiscI’ll be honest and say that by the time Lilly and I arrived here I was already pretty stressed out.  The crowd was uncomfortably large for me, it’s pretty warm  and we’d already walked around in circles trying to get where we wanted to be.  But as she and I enter DinoLand I’m thinking this will be the perfect time for me to regroup and put my rally cap on.

DinoLand is set up like a hometown carnival or fair complete with carnival games in the center court.  She of course wanted to play these games.  We watched a few players and then I inquired about how to play.  And this is where I’m beginning to get the feeling that DinoLand isn’t going to help me regroup.  You have to BUY TICKETS to play the games.  They are $3 EACH!!  I wanted to ask the folks if they knew how much we’d paid to just get in the gate that morning!!  But I stuff my frustration under my rally cap and I purchase $15 worth of tickets.  We play one game.  It’s the game she chooses.  She loses to a 12 year old.  She cries (and I wanted to).  I put our remaining 4 tickets in my bag and head back over to wait for the other 3 to get off of Everest.  Once we meet back up I explain the situation to my Prince Charming and ask him to come and win this baby a prize!  He won her two!!  If you happened to be there that day and saw a crazed woman jumping up and down cheering on an adult man in hopes that he beats out another adult man at a silly carnival game I apologize for any scene I may have caused.  The prizes by the way were nothing more than dollar store stuffed animals….and you don’t get to chose.

After our tears were dried and prizes were won we began riding.  Lilly and I rode Triceratop Spin and the other three rode Primeval Whirl.

Then we headed over to the one ride I was looking forward to.Walt Disney World Photo Gallery DiscHere we took part in the Rider Swap system.  We went over to the FastPass attendant and asked for a Rider Swap pass.  I rode first.wdw201332422453633_6889434933_18I loved it!!  It was so fun!  Tobin wouldn’t look up for anything!!  After we got off he decided he didn’t want to ride again.  So Keith and Ruthie hopped in the FastPass line with their rider swap ticket.wdw201332422456121_6889434937_18Ruthie wasn’t diggin’ it this time.
But we conquered it!!!photo 2 (6)photo 1 (6)After this, we had lunch and headed back to Africa to ride Safari.Walt Disney World Photo Gallery DiscI’ll be honest here again.  Safari was kind of “meh”.  We really couldn’t see anything.  (more on that later)

After this, the kiddos decided against climbing Everest again so we walked through the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail.  Here we picked up our Wilderness Explorers 2 (7)I thought this was a fun idea.  You use your guide as you are walking through the park.  You’ll meet up with “Troop Leaders” and you receive badges/stickers to place in your book.

photo 1 (7)We explored a little.
Watched the gorillas.Walt Disney World Photo Gallery DiscAnd took some PhotoPass Pics.
wdw201331820901268This is day 2 for the princess hair by the way.  It probably would have looked better had I brought along some hairspray.  But I thought it held up great.

We caught the tale end of the parade, shopped around and were headed out of the park a little after 4 pm.
Overall, our day spent at Animal Kingdom was my least favorite.  Here’s why:
It feels a lot smaller
It doesn’t have that Disney magic that the other parks have.  In fact, it doesn’t feel like Disney at all.  It feels more like a zoo…and not a good one.  It pains me to say it because I LOVE Disney so much!!

Would we go again?  Maybe and only maybe if we did a park hopper ticket.  If we did it would only be for Everest and Dinosaur.  If I knew then what I know now, we would have spent another day at Hollywood Studios.

And that’s what I’ll post about NEXT!!
See ya real soon!!

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