Sweet Saturday!

by Hope Sewell on May 15, 2011

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We had a SWEET Saturday this weekend!!!  Full of “Rare” moments!  I love it when we get to just chill out like we like it!  We started our morning with pancakes, bacon and eggs!!  Having all of my family around the table at one time is like Heaven.  Thankfully, that does happen quite often but rarely at breakfast.

I RARELY do this!!  Fried eggs AND bacon!  Normally Keith fries the eggs but for some reason I was in the mood to do it this morning.  I don’t use butter or oil to fry.  I just sprayed the pancake griddle with a little Pam (because she’s so good at helping you pull it off :) and cracked’em right on top.
Gluten and egg free pancakes
These are not gluten free but they are egg free
After breakfast and kitchen clean up everybody split up around here and did their own thing.  I had to run some errands and get things ready for my little preschool friends at Redeemer Church tomorrow.  Tobin spent his time making a little brother.  Meet Jonathon Cody Sewell.  (kinda creepy and he’s planning on sleeping with him!!)
Ruthie had to get in on this fun so she created Ashley Hope Sewell
For supper we had burgers and fries.  And once again, Keith is ALWAYS in charge of burgers BUT I wanted to do them my way tonight and Mama likes’em Diner style!!  I started with a pound of ground beef and added a few seasonings.
Made meat balls and fattened them out in between pieces of saran wrap.  I like them THIN!!
Then I plopped them on my cast iron griddle and topped them with cheese once they were flipped.
Next up, homemade french fries.
Once again, I like them THIN!

I cook A LOT and I cook a LOT from scratch but I am NOT a MawMaw cook.  What’s a MawMaw cook??  A real southern cook who makes down home dishes with lots of fried food and gravy.  I don’t fry often.  And I’m not a huge fan of southern fried chicken (gasp!!)  I know that makes me unAmerican but I just don’t like it.  I think it’s because you have to eat it with your hands??  I don’t know.  Anyway, I decided to fry instead of roast our potato fries tonight and they were delicious!!  Got rave reviews here at Sewell Kitchen!
It turned out just the way I wanted it to tonight.  For some reason, I had a hankering for diner burgers and fries and this hit the spot!!
In the words of my friend Dora….”Delicioso!!”

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