Strawberry Pickin’ on Friday

by Hope Sewell on April 2, 2011

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 *sigh* I LOVE Springtime.  I LOVE being outside and feeling the warm sunshine or the cool breeze and I LOVE berry picking!!!   Today….as has been our custom for the last three years, we went strawberry picking!  We went to the strawberry patch on 231 north just past Troy Dothan.  The last time we picked at this location Lilly was 5 months old and strapped to me in a Snugli.  And the last time we picked strawberries, we where in Louisiana. Oh how time changes things.  We were so excited to pick up this tradition again today.  Get ready for lots of pictures again!!  😉  Lilly was happy to get her a handful here!!

 The wind was blowing mightily!!  It totally re-styled Tobin’s hair here.  What’s funny is the very first time we went strawberry picking we took a picture that is almost exactly like this one.  If you are friends with me on Facebook, you can see it by clicking here…I think :)

 Yep…that’s Miss Lilly.  The first of my children to ever say, “Stop it!  Mine!”  I’m so not exaggerating that one!!
But she also wins the prize for being the one to understand the word “no” at this age AND she says “Yes M’am”….well she actually calls me “sir” but I’ll take the respect anyway I can get it.  Although she says, “Mine!” she’s also quick to share and apologize.  However, there is no doubt in my mind that when Keith and I are in nursing homes (the Lord knows I’m not letting him leave this earth without me!!) Lilly will be in Rio livin’ it UP!!  😉

 LOTS of pictures were taken from the backside!!!  Don’t worry….I didn’t post any of mine!  😉  Ruthie begged me not to post this one but hey!!  I think it’s cute!! 

 “I hold drawbewies”
 You know we had to taste some!!  Well….the children did.  I’m not a fan of dirt in my mouth. 
 We filled two 5lb buckets!  (Ruthie took this pic….she wanted to make sure I gave her credit :)
 Some more of Ruthie’s photography work. 
 She took this one too.  She has learned well.  LOL!  😉
 I took over the camera for Ruthie and dad (who came along as our photographer today.  Hugs to him!!)  I LOVE this pic!  There are several more similar to it in my iPhoto catalog.  Yep…I’m a foto fanatic! 
 Once we got all our berries picked and home we washed and hulled them.  The children helped me with this part too!!  Then we put them in the freezer just like this to flash freeze then put them all together in freezer bags.

Our buckets were then rinsed out and taken to the backyard where they were then used to hold lots of nature collections.  :)
We have had a really good good day being together.  We’ve ended it by having a movie and pizza night tonight.  We watched Tangled for the first time!  LOVE IT!  I’ll have to save all of that fun for another post.  I hope you enjoyed being with your family today!  Hugs from the Sewells!

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