by Hope Sewell on March 25, 2011

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I promise I’m not about to say a foul word.  :)  But I do need some quiet!!  I’ve got some sensory overload going on!!  It has been a LOUD week here at the Sewell house for some reason!!  I thought the super moon was over!!  At 2 points this week Tobin was yelling out of the storm door in the kitchen, “Heeellllooooo world!!”  What is wrong with these people!!!????

This morning we could whisper and whisper only during our school time.  I didn’t even allow any Wolfgang Amadeus to be playing!!!

Ruthie working on her fractions…..quietly!  😉
Tobin coloring his handwriting paper.  Today’s letter was Nn….hence the Nest.  He’s got some Robin’s eggs there.  And that is HIS messy shelf in the background.  yep!  *sigh*
Yay!!  “I’m so good at fractions, Mom!!”


What time is it??  Had a tough time here yesterday but MUCH better today.  He’s got it!!
Spelling test coming up!!  She missed “cookie”!  Spelled it c-o-o-k-e-i

We’ve got some serious Spring fever happening!!  I’m hoping we can get outside and run free for the rest of the afternoon!!!  And it’s 1:20 and some of us here haven’t even had lunch yet!!!  Been one of those weeks!!  By the way….who will come fold some laundry and wash some dishes for me???  Anybody??  I LOVE my babies but I’m a worn out mom today.  Is it summer time yet??

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