A Shave With Dad and Father’s Day is Approaching

by Hope Sewell on June 1, 2011

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This shaving kit was bought a little over a year ago.  Like most things in the Sewell house it got put who knows where and was recently found and it’s like it’s brand new all over again!!  

 Tobin found it and got everything together so he could shave with dad.  Ruthie used to do this ALL THE TIME (before we had this cool little kit).  She would wait until Keith finished with his cream and brush and would shave with a spoon.  She loved it!  Tobin is too cool to shave with a spoon!  😉  As you can see, Mississippi is patiently awaiting her turn….
Keith, like the rest of us here in the Sewell house, has very sensitive skin.  He uses shaving products from The Art of Shaving.  (great Father’s day gift idea)  The big badger hair brush has always been FUN for the children to play with.  :) Most people don’t shave like this anymore.  He still says the best shave he’s ever had was in Istanbul, Turkey.
 Daddy had to help him get all lathery.  
Let the shaving begin!!
Now it’s the girls’ turn!
 What is wrong with this picture???  😉
Lilly LOVED the foamy brush!!
She would put her face into the brush and shake her head back and forth to get it all over her. 
 Daddy had to help her shave.
This really should be a post written by Keith and it would be great for a Father’s Day post as well.  But  I’m so thankful that I have a man who cares for us, not only loves us but LIKES us (most of the time) and wants to be around us.  These three children ADORE him!  He carries a North Face backpack A LOT and wears a Nike visor or an Alabama ball cap on occasion.  Tobin went with me to Publix recently and he insisted on his taking his backpack and wearing his cap…….it took me a minute before I recognized that he was trying to look like his daddy.  I love that. 
Ruthie LOVES that daddy of hers too.  She’s a touchy feely kind of girl and she loves hugs and kisses and being tickled or thrown around as only daddies can do.  And he is more than willing to oblige.  Keith got “attacked” by some yellow jackets recently….that’s never fun.  While I was looking for rubbing alcohol she rushed in and fixed him an ice pack.  When he wasn’t listening she asked me if people could die from yellow jacket stings,  When I said  NO she said, “Shew….good!!”  😉  That made my heart melt. It also made me pray that God never take him from her.  
I am so thankful for him.  He is a Godly man who carries the burden of providing for his family very well.  We love him way more than I can even put into words.

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