Sewell Graffiti

by Hope Sewell on April 11, 2011

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 This one was done by the littlest hands.  :) “look-a-mine Mama!”
I don’t know about your families but we LOVE sidewalk chalk….always have.  My children will draw and scribble forever on any hard surface.  We also LOVE being outside….a fact that I think I’ve established pretty well here.  Not only do we like sidewalk chalk, but we also like to paint with water.  This kept them busy as babies too.  I just fill a bucket of water and give them some fat paint brushes….we have some cheap small rollers as well.  You can find all of this at the Dollar Tree.  They love to paint the bricks or the drive way with just the plain water but they also LOVE to draw with the chalk and then paint over it with a water brush.  Simple and CHEAP entertainment.  And I’ll admit the artist in me enjoys a little chalk and water too.  šŸ˜‰
I would have some pictures of them actually creating these beautiful murals but I was too busy chillin’ out in my Adirondack chair soaking up some sun…..MY favorite pastime!!!  So these pics were taken after the fact.  Most people strongly dislike the heat in the south.  I, personally, LOVE it!!  I hope you get a chance to enjoy the weather this week!!  Hugs from the Sewells!!

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