Run Run As Fast As You Can….

by Hope Sewell on December 7, 2011

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One of our favorite Christmastime traditions is to decorate gingerbread houses!!  We’ve done it for the past several years!!  But it poses a predicament with my children getting older.  They all want their own gingerbread house and we just don’t have the space to display a gingerbread village. 😉
Last year I found a kit with mini houses.  That was a total disaster for me!!  They didn’t fit together right.  There were 5 different styles of houses and finding the parts for each was tough.  Plus….they were really mini.  Too mini for their small hands.

BUT!!  This year, I was strolling through my favorite grocery store ever!! PUBLIX and I saw a little kit with 4 gingerbread men, icing, candy etc for around $5!!
It was the PERFECT thing for us! So today after school, we pulled it out and got busy decorating!

By the way, I do have a TIP for regular gingerbread houses.  Instead of using the icing as the glue that holds the house together, use your hot glue gun.  It’s so much easier!!!

These girls are thinking hard about their designs.  😉 She’s saying, “what’s this??”He’s got his own ideas and he’s hard at work!!It didn’t take Lilly long to get the hang of how this worked.  I guided the icing as she squeezed.

Love this smile!

The BIG balls of candy on the mouth crack me up!!  Looks like he’s been punched a time or two…She means business!!

Lilly is using the red gel to add a ponytail to her gingerbread girl.

Just thought this was funny.  This lizard hung around on the table to enjoy the view.  😉The finished products.

Tobin’s has “been hit with a fire ball by Mario”…


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