Round Trip Check-Ups

by Hope Sewell on June 23, 2011

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We spent the day yesterday in Birmingham, Alabama.  Lilly and Tobin had an EOS check-up.  Our goal was to leave at 7:30 am.  Their appointments started at 1:00 but we wanted to run some errands before.  Instead of leaving at 7:30, we left at 8.  Then we had to stop in Ozark…..20 miles down the road….to deal with an army of ants in the truck.  Not fun and quite a set back to our schedule.  But after that, everybody got a little snack for the road.  It’s always tough to travel with allergic children.  So I keep my trusty menus handy.  Plus I pack a huge snack bag for each of them.  And their snacks are what they often eat for lunch as well.  Dr. Nogueira asked Lilly what she had for lunch and her answer was chips.  She got a laugh out of that and I didn’t dare tell her that Lilly ACTUALLY had cookies for lunch!!  :)  You do whatcha’ gotta do right?

We made a quick stop at The Summit….which the words quick and The Summit should never be together in the same sentence.  We really need to just take a “fun” trip one weekend to get to enjoy all the things we normally rush through while we are there.  After The Summit we made our triply visit to my favorite grocery store in the whole wide world!!  Whole Foods.  That’s one thing I miss about living right outside of Baton Rouge….we had a Whole Foods near by.  We stocked up on a few things.  I love their Olive Oil.  It’s good oil for a GREAT price!!  Each of these bottles of Mediterranean Olive Oil was $5.99.  You can’t beat that.  Then we had to get a few of our favorite things.  I also got some prepackaged snacks for T and L.

While we were in Whole Foods it started FFLLOOODDDDIIINNNGGGG!!!!  So we decided to eat from their food line.  One thing I hate about traveling is the constant intake of burgers and fries so this was a nice and welcome change.   We waited out the rain for as long as we could.  We were actually a little late for our appointments.  Thankfully they were at the Children’s South location.  Once there they both got very good reports!!  Lilly has gained 5 lbs since last August so she’s 26 lbs on the nose!!  She’s in the 18th percentile in weight which is great for her!!  Tobin is in the 30th percentile for his weight which is a HUGE step from where we’ve come.  Lilly will have endoscopic surgery in July.  This will look at the state of her esophagus as well as count any eosinophils.  She’ll finish her budesonide slurry right before that.  So hopefully that drug will have made a great difference.  Tobin will not be scoped again until he is able to add more foods to his diet, unless problems arise before then.  We will make a trip to Huntsville soon to see their allergist and be retested.  If that shows he’s not allergic to something that we’ve been avoiding we’ll reintroduce small amounts of that food at a time and go from there.  I’m anxious to see what each of these tests will reveal for both of them.   We feel very blessed to have access to these doctors.  It’s great to leave an appointment with a clear plan of action and great progress!!

It rained cats and dogs until we got back to Montgomery.  We made a fun stop at the Bass Pro Shop in Pratville.  The fish are always a treat and it was great to get out of the car for a little bit.  One last stop at Starbucks and we were headed home.  We got home right at 8:00 and were super tired….and pretty much feel like we’ve been hit by a semi today!!  😉  But there’s always lots to do around here!!  Gotta get busy!  Hugs!!

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