Mother’s Day Inspiration

by Hope Sewell on May 4, 2011

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How about Mother’s Day has just totally slipped up on me!!  I really thought it was going to be the 15th of may or even later but here we are just 2 weeks after Easter celebrating the gift of motherhood.  This year for Mother’s day I would really really really appreciate a 5 day weekend in Antigua with only a beach towel, my Bible and another good book….some one to refill my water and lemonade would be wonderful too.  *Hint Hint*!  However, I would also appreciate one of these little treats too.

As I’ve already said, I’ve been in a crafting mood lately!!  And I’m still in it!  😉 I not only craft when I need something or on special occasions, but I also craft when I’ve received some sort of inspiration.  I love inspiration!!  Inspiration is defined as:

stimulation or arousal of the mind, feelings, etc, to special or unusual activity or creativity

We can be inspired by many things and this little tin can treat was inspired by one of my favorite blogs to follow  You can check out their site for downloadable labels and printable directions for this fun thing.  Here’s what I started with.  Makes sure you get a can with a pop tab on the top.  This little puppy was 89 cents at Publix.

Remove the label.  Open the can FROM THE BOTTOM and empty the contents.  We emptied our peaches into plastic storage bowls and have been snacking on them all week!!  Wash and dry your can….don’t want it to be sticky!
This is what I filled my cans with….what mom would turn down chocolate??  Not this one!!  But here is the fun part!!  You can really put ANYTHING in these little cans!!  I’m thinking little lotions, bath salts, gift cards, jewelry.  If you did them for children you can do small toys, candy, movie tickets.  Oh the list goes on and on.  These make great teacher appreciation gifts has printable labels for teachers.  They’d be great graduation gifts with cash or gifts cards.  Perfect “Thinking of you” gifts.   Oh and don’t even get me started on the fun you could have with these at Christmas!!!  There is something seriously wrong with me when I get this excited about a tin can and some paper!!  I’m actually giddy over it all!!

Once I put the candy in…..well I will say that once again my children helped me with this.  They sorted the candy, made M & Ms bags as well as stuffed the cans. Remember that your can is upside down so put your goodies in according to the way you want it to look when it is opened from the top.  Once you fill it put a little piece of tissue paper on top so no hot glue from your trusty hot glue gun gets on the candy as you glue the bottom back on the can.  As my friends from say, gluing the bottom lid back on with hot glue is TRICKY but not impossible!!
Then cut out some pretty paper to wrap around your can.  I actually measured…you know I abhor doing that but I DID measure and I did use a paper cutter to make sure everything was precise and nice and neat.  My exact measurements were 2 5/8 inches by 8 1/2 inches.  I found these pretty papers at Michael’s.  They were 25 cents a sheet and each 12 x 12 sheet will make at least 5 cans.  Here’s my champagne taste on a beer budget again!!  😉
I’m a huge fan of pink!  But you could use a solid colored or white paper and let your children paint, color or decorate in 1000 different ways.
Tie a couple of coordinating ribbons on the tab and slap a label on it.  And here is how it turned out.  So so cute!!  Double sided tape will be your best friend with this craft.  I love the seamless look it gives.  I printed my labels from but you can certainly make your own.  I’ll definitely be getting to work on some of my own for other occasions.  A few of the moms in my life will be receiving one of these, heck…everybody I know will probably get one from me at some point I think they are that cute!  Yep….I know…something is wrong with me.  One day soon I’ll come out of my crafty mood and be on to something else.  But for now I’m enjoying my self.  :)
Here is a little more Mother’s Day inspiration.  :)
We made this towel in 2006, as you can see.  It’s such a sweet memento.
Here’s Tobin trying to see if his hands still fit….nope, they don’t!  :)
I hope you all have a very happy Mother’s day weekend!!  Enjoy being celebrated!!

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Cre8aMess May 10, 2011 at 2:48 pm

Those "canned" treats are adorable!!


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