Magicians in the Kitchen

by Hope Sewell on January 17, 2011

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I don’t know about you all but we are having a crazy Monday around here!  We’ve had an awfully busy week and weekend with several late nights so I set no alarm this morning.  I actually slept until 9 am!!  And I wasn’t the only late sleeper!  Ruthie woke up a little before I did.  I had promised her blueberry scones for breakfast this morning so we hit the kitchen and got started.  When she and I are in the kitchen by ourselves we have our very own cooking show called, Magicians In The Kitchen. :)

                                 We can certainly make some magic happen!!

                                 Lilly is very observant when it comes to food so she definitely notices if she doesn’t have what everybody else has. So we also made some gluten free cinnamon sugar “biscuits”   for her.  She gobbled’em up in true Lilly fashion! Just shoves it all in.

This was Tobin’s (5years old) first time ever having a scone.  Since he seems to be outgrowing some of his allergies (well, 1 out of 9 is not bad) we have a few more options.  I still have to be super careful about which flours I use.  I recently found an unbleached whole wheat flour that does NOT contain barely, oat or rye.  It’s amazing what you find in your food when you read the labels!!  The blueberry scones were a hit with him….he came back for seconds…and thirds!  😉

Thanks to my fellow magician in the kitchen!!  The only girl I know who eats scones with a fork….and she’s taught her brother to do the same!  Me and Lilly enjoy licking our icing covered fingers!!

Happy Monday from “our kitchen to yours”!!

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