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by Hope Sewell on June 3, 2011

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Ummm….I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not but it is H-O-T outside!!  Whew! It’s tough!  Because of the heat my little three have been somewhat stuck inside.  And we’ve ALL needed a little change of scenery!!  So I’m so glad that Water World has opened!!!  Today was our first official day.  And it was FABULOUS!!

We got there around 10:30 this morning.  They were all fired up and excited.  We’ve made so many fun memories here.


We normally start at the wave pool and stay there for a while and then we go to the kiddie pool and back and forth, back and forth, and….well, you get the picture.  Lilly was excited to play the the big “baf tub”.  I brought a few of her bath toys…well actually it was just some of her stacking cups…..but I guess that’s what made her think it was a bath tub.  Who knows.  Nevertheless, she LOVED it.  LOVED the waves, LOVED me swimming her around on my knees…she just had a blast.
Ruthie and Tobin are big enough now that they can move about somewhat on their own and don’t need me right beside them so I was able to keep a close eye on Mississippi…who has NO fear.
After a little bit of the back and forth, we took a lunch break.
This was the only somewhat miserable part.  It was just so hot and with no breeze that even the shade wasn’t very enjoyable.
So we ate and drank quickly and headed back for the waves.  I actually let R and T go to the kiddie pool by themselves while I waited with Lilly at the picnic tables.  How about being able to let them go without me was HUGE!!  Yay for growing up (in that area ;)!!
It’s always fun to run into friends unexpectedly.  We ran into SEVERAL good friends today!!  Tobin pushed outside of his comfort zone….which is a very big deal!!  He did some of the slides and even worked on his swimming.  And Ruthie left us all as soon as she spotted some of her friends.  :)  She lives up to her name and always has!!  (Ruthie-a derivative of Ruth means “friend”)
Here’s my setup.  So thankful for a double stroller!!  Starting from the bottom: a picnic blanket, in case the tables are too full, dry snacks in the pink and green insulated bag, towels draped over the handle for easy access, keys and phone in the cup holder on the stroller, my wallet and camera in the beach bag (that’s hidden), drinks and lunch in the cooler, and a silly little girl up front.
It’s funny to think about, but we’ve been getting season passes since 2007.  WOW I can’t believe it’s been that long.  But we’ve got our routine down to an art.  I try to get there a little after 10 and leave a little after 2.  I always get everybody to change into dry clothes in the van while I load everything back up.  Then everybody’s ready for naps when we get home!  And they take LLLLOOOONNNNGGGG naps!!
Happy Summer!!

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Kristee Dowling June 6, 2011 at 8:57 pm

You are super mom…hauling three children to WW by yourself is beyond impressive to me! Glad y’all were able to cool off.


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