I Can’t Believe It’s November!! part two

by Hope Sewell on November 2, 2011

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I’m continuing my overview of October today!!

I love being a homeschool mom!!  It’s not easy AT ALL but I know it is definitely what I’m called to do.  I enjoy the time that I get to spend with my children.  I’ll be honest and say that at this very moment I’m thinking I’m not really cut out for this job!!  But the job is mine nonetheless so I trudge on.
One of my favorite parts about homeschooling is field trips!!  This October we took a trip to our local art museum with some of our other homeschooling friends.We had a guided tour of the museum.There were only a few pieces of the artwork that they could touch.This was really awesome!!  All of these pieces here are made by blowing glass.A quick stop for a group picture.After our tour, we made some art ourselves!!The look on her face says she’s working really hard! 

Ta-Da!!I said, “Hey guys, y’all squeeze together and smile!!”  And this is what I got!  😉  Typical boys!!  At least they’re smiling.What a fun day!!  I love art and I think it’s amazing what gifts and talents people are given!


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