I Can’t Believe It’s November!! part four

by Hope Sewell on November 5, 2011

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Ok, this wraps up my overview of October.  The 31st was Ruthie’s birthday.
She had already planned for us to celebrate with breakfast at Panera Bread.  It was perfect!!  The place was pretty much empty and quiet so we had some fun time to ourselves.  For those of you wondering how we ate there with food allergies, Lilly ate before we left home…she just couldn’t wait.  And Tobin ate a yogurt and strawberry parfait without granola and a fruit cup.  After breakfast, we cleared the table and did presents.  She got a card from Tobin.  A journal with an invisible ink pen that shows up with a black light.

And she got a Nintendo DS game that she’d been asking for forever!!So excited!!  It really is crazy what all these games do!! 

After the breakfast festivities, we had visits from grandparents.  That’s always fun.
And after lunch, R and T had dentist appointments.  I know, it sounds like torture to have a dentist appointment on your birthday but my children actually look forward to going to the dentist!!  When she got in the chair that brought out a cupcake and candle for her and sang happy birthday!
After the dentist, we came home and got ready to go to our local Publix for trick or treating.
This is a dressed up as they wanted to get.  Fairy wings, fairy wings and a crown, and nothing.  😉

We’ve never really done the trick or treat thing.  With R’s birthday being on the 31st we have always been doing something related to that.  But this year they wanted to try it out.  And Publix was PERFECT for us first timers!They went around the store to each department and got some candy.  And then they had a pumpkin decorating section.

After that, we scarfed down some fast food and got home to get ready for our own trick or treaters in the neighborhood.  We had TONS of candy for the kids and hot apple cider for the adults.  And it was all gone by the end of the night!  I even dreamed about candy that night!!!Tobin and Lily had fun playing in the leaves while we were getting things set up.

Here’s Ruthie with her lifelong friend.Whew!!
October was one busy month and November is shaping up to be the same.
Happy Holidays everyone!!

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