Hey….who’s the tooth fairy???

by Hope Sewell on March 11, 2011

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We’ve lost another tooth here at the Sewell house!!!  Tobin lost his second tooth on Wednesday night.  Instead of eating tacos….he lost this one after watching the movie 3 Ninjas.  So I’m sure you can guess what he was doing.  He took a pop straight to the mouth (from his sister Ruthie) and his tooth came out.  This time the scene was a lot less dramatic.  I know it sounds just the opposite of that right??  πŸ˜‰

As a mom, I take the whole missing tooth deal very seriously. πŸ˜‰ I save each and every one of them.  So once we got all the blood cleaned up I took his tooth and put it in a teeny tiny resealable bag and labeled it with his name, date, and 2nd lost tooth.  I placed the tooth on my desk….

He totally forgot to put the tooth under his pillow and the tooth fairy forgot all about it herself.  It was mid-morning yesterday before anything was thought or said about this tooth.  Once he realized he’d forgotten to make a deposit with the tooth fairy, Ruthie, supposedly, took the tooth off my desk and gave it to him for him to stick under his pillow.  Weeeelllllll……that’s the last anybody has seen of that tooth!!  I didn’t realize the tooth had gone missing until last night….AFTER I’d done some cleaning in their rooms upstairs.  I’m talking the kind of cleaning where you bring out the box of garbage bags….yep!  I wasn’t looking for the tooth, I was just cleaning away and cleaning out!!  So, the tooth is still missing.  But we reassured Tobin that he would still get a visit from the tooth fairy…even though he’d lost his tooth….TWICE.

Well, that silly tooth fairy forgot AGAIN!!!  So I slipped upstairs pretty early this morning and slipped  $1 under his pillow.  When he woke up this morning, this is what he found

Nope, you didn’t miscount!!  That’s TWO dollars!!  When he showed this to me I just smiled and said, “Well, I guess the tooth fairy gives a dollar for each time a tooth is lost…not one for each tooth.”  I ran into our bedroom and asked Keith if he slipped a dollar under his pillow before he came to bed last night.  His answer was “no”.  So…who in the world is our mystery tooth fairy??????

It was Ruthie.  πŸ˜‰  She felt so badly that she’d sort of “helped” him loose his tooth….both times (that still hasn’t reappeared by the way) that she played the tooth fairy and gave him one of her dollars.  *sigh* Sisterly love.  I hope it lasts forever.
And I can’t help but add a picture of this cutie who just loves all of the excitement.  πŸ˜‰

We’ve done everything except dump out the big box of Lincoln Logs to find that tooth.  Surely it’ll show up sometime….right??

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