Happy Valentine’s Day

by Hope Sewell on February 15, 2011

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Well, we have really had a FABULOUS Valentine’s weekend.  Keith and I don’t celebrate it in the traditional “couple in love” kind of way.  We do all of that on our anniversary.  But we celebrate the love we have for each other as a family on this holiday.  I love the story of St. Valentine.  It is said that he was a priest in Rome during the reign of Emperor Claudius.  Claudius feared that his soldiers would be too distracted to go to war if they were married.  So he outlawed marriage.  Which was totally out of his jurisdiction as God himself ordained the institute of marriage from the beginning of time.  Valentine said that marriage and families would give the soldiers something to fight for.  And he refused to cease performing wedding ceremonies.  He of course was imprisoned for this defiance and he would ultimately give up his life for his Christian beliefs.  And it is said that Valentine grew very fond of the jailer’s daughter and left her a tender letter and signed it, Your Valentine.
I say all of that to say….Valentine’s day is a day to celebrate those you love and remember they are worth fighting for.
In our celebrating, Tobin and I double dated with Keith and Ruthie (Nana and Papa took Lilly on her own little date) and went to The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.  We are Narnia nerds and LOVED it (even though the story line deviated from the book….hey, nobody’s perfect.  :)  I got a BIG kiss on the cheek from Tobin right before we went in.  He even held my hand a little.  There was lots of giggling going on with Ruthie….who knows what they were talking about.  😉  After the movie we picked up Lilly and went out to eat.  This was the first time we’ve all sat down in a restaurant in over a year.  With Tobin and Lilly’s Eosinophilic Esophagitis there aren’t a lot of “eating out” options for us all.  But we were all able to get at least one thing off of the menu at Wendy’s.  :)  Fine dining I know.  Then I dragged everybody out to Publix with me….nobody’s idea of a date but mine.
This morning Ruthie, Tobin and Lilly found a surprise outside their bedroom doors.

This trail of fun led them down the stairs, through the hallway, too the living room and in front of the fire place. (Nana, I recycled your bags 😉

They found these while I was in the shower and when I got out….

this is what I found.  They made their own little trail for us with cards.  Tobin only made one for me since I was his date.  😉

Then we made chocolate dipped marshmallows for our Valentine’s Day sweet.

 Overall, we’ve had a GREAT weekend celebrating each other.  I know I say this often but nobody can say that we don’t have a good time here in the Sewell house.  I hope you all enjoyed your sweethearts!  I know I certainly enjoyed all of mine!
Much love!

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