Happy MAY and Sponge balls

by Hope Sewell on May 2, 2011

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Can you believe it’s May already???  It seems that time just keeps going faster. School is winding down and summer is on it’s way.  I know I’ve stated repeatedly that I LOVE summer time!!!  And I’m going to say it again, I LOVE LOVE LOVE summer time!!  We let go of our schedules and spend a lot of time outside.  We really enjoy going to the beach and in the past we’ve been fortunate enough to be able to spend a lot of time with our toes in the sand come summer.  We also spend a lot of time at Water World.  That has been a summer tradition since my little ones were really little.  We get our season passes early and we’re there at least 3 days a week.  I’ve been told several times by other moms, “You are a BRAVE mom taking 3 young children out to Water World by yourself.”  I don’t know if I totally agree with that statement, but I do know that we love to have a good time and we’ve made lots of memories there.    Here’s a pic from summer 2009.  We are doing one of my most favorite things, having a picnic!  Look how chunky Lilly is.  This is before she was doing a lot of solid foods and before her EOS disease started showing up.  She lost back down to 15 pounds that fall.

Ok…enough reminiscing.  :)  I promised another craft with sponges and water and here it is.  Sponge balls!!!  We made these several years ago and my children have put in to make them again this year.  Here’s what you need, sponges, twine, scissors and a bucket of water.  I got all of these things at my beloved Dollar Tree.  If you can find a wax coated twine, that would be better than this cotton twine….if you pull on it too hard it’ll break but it works just fine if you are a little ginger with it.  Also, I bought 2 sizes of sponges…large and small.  The bigger the sponge, the bigger the ball and vice versa.  You’ll need 4 sponges per ball (you could use only 3).

Step 1: cut each sponge lengthwise into 4 strips
Some determined faces here.
Once again don’t stress about being exact.
Step 2: stack your sponges in the pattern of your choice 4 strips wide and 4 strips high (or 3 and 3).  Slip your twine around the middle
And tie a knot.  When you pull the knot tight, you get a sponge ball!!  How cool is that??  😉
And let the fun begin!!  By the way, this child has a swimsuit that actually fits but he’d rather wear this cool camo one passed down to him from a friend!  😉
Lilly enjoyed sitting right here and squeezing the sponges out.
Does this look like a bucket of fun or what???


I believe he was aiming for his daddy….
And here is his payback.  Keith ALWAYS goes for annihilation!!!
She will HATE me for this one in a few years!!
And God bless her but her teeth just keep falling out!!!
Shielding themselves from their daddy


And this is how the fun ended.  Lilly naked in the tub of water!  This kind of leaves me speechless.  She got her dress SOAKED so I took it off before I was going to take her inside for her nap…turned around and there she was.
I don’t know what your summer plans are.  Ours are nothing extravagant, especially in our current situation BUT, we are content nonetheless.  I don’t know if Water World and the beach will be as frequent as they have been however,
TOGETHER is a GREAT place to be!!
Happy May and Happy Crafting!!

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