Farmer’s Market And A Wannabe Gardener

by Hope Sewell on June 12, 2011

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You remember when I told ya I wish I could garden right?  I LOVE fresh vegetables.  I LOVE U-Pick farms and then the next best thing is an open air farmers’ market!!!  Our city has one downtown every Saturday in June and July.  We made our way down over the weekend.  We enjoyed LOTS of the yummy things that are offered there.  Things like blueberry butter and fresh bread…HEELLLLOO!!  So GOOD!  Blueberry lemonade, DELICOUS!!!  Plus the art museum always has a craft for the little ones to do.  We strolled through the vegetables and across the street to the museum’s tent.  There, I sipped on the blueberry lemonade while Ruthie, Tobin and Lilly learned about folk art and painted clay flower pots. 

The smocks were provided by the museum.  Lilly needed one for her nose and hair!After painting the pots, I thought we might need some plants to go in them.  Guacho Farms had a table with vegetable and herb plants for $1.  PERFECT!!  Ruthie and Tobin each picked a banana pepper plant and I picked an organic spinach plant for Lilly.  😉

Here’s where the “wanna be gardener” came out in me.  These little 6 inch pots were all too small for these plants.  Soooo….that called for a trip to Lowe’s.We came back with large pots for the pepper plants, flowers for some larger pots they painted at Easter. And seeds for the smaller pots they painted at the farmers’ market.  I planted the spinach in a pretty pot to sit inside in the kitchen window.Even though I’m not very good with all things growing, I do enjoy planting and things like that.  I’m hoping since these pepper plants already have some baby peppers on them they’ll be fine…right??  Surely they’ll grow.

Before our trip to the farmers’ market, a friend of ours, Ronnie Smith, who has a garden of his own came over and planted us one of his sunflowers that he’d grown from seed.As well as this pumpkin.  Can’t wait to see how it develops!!Some blueberry bushes were already here when we moved in.  I think they are still quite young but I hope they’ll produce more and more.AND this Brown Turkey Fig treeSo our 45 minute trip to the farmers’ market turned in to quite a fun day!!  By the way….most of these plants will probably expire in a few months.  😉  But there’s always hope right?

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