Extreme Makeover: Blog Edition

by Hope Sewell on June 7, 2011

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As you can see, my blog has had a recent and extreme makeover.  Not only is the whole look different, but so is the address.  It’s still Seasons With The Sewells but the address is now www.hopesewell.com.  The look and theme and colors are all still a work in progress but this is a great start.  Thanks to my husband for using his mad computer skills to help me out!!

When I started this blog in January of 2011, I had no idea that I would enjoy it like I do.  I have TONS of ideas bursting at the seams of my creative mind for crafts, recipes, and just all around life.  For those of you who were subscribers and followers, please sign up again.  There is a box on the right side of the page under the photos for your email address.  If you have never subscribed or followed, now would be a GREAT time to do so.  It helps me to know that I’m not “talking to the ceiling” ya know. :) I hope that you will be inspired, entertained and encouraged as you journey  through the Seasons With The Sewells.



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