An Easy Day At The Sewell’s

by Hope Sewell on February 11, 2011

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I don’t normally blog back-to-back like this but I’ve got some sweet pics I want to share.  We’ve been up and running every morning this week so today we took it easy.  We didn’t start school until after lunch so we spent the morning building with Trio blocks and reading books.  Tobin found some paper Ruthie left on the floor from her art project yesterday and turned grass into a monster mouth!

They are always creating some sort of artwork and the fridge was FULL!!!  So, I decided to put it all on display above the windows in the school room.  The first 2 on the left belong to Lilly.  The next 2 belong to Ruthie (the last one being a group portrait of all the fairies from Tinker Bell).

This one is Tobin’s idea of the great horned owl.

Lilly has ended her day adorned with her princess crown….

and reading books about her FAVORITE Sesame Street character.  She spotted this book in the $ store an aisle away…no exaggeration.

Ruthie is ending her day by giving me a make-over….definitely no pics here!  😉 Hope you all have had a GREAT day!!  Hugs!

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