Easter and Cookie Crumbs

by Hope Sewell on April 5, 2012

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I LOVE Springtime!!
Springtime is one of my most favorite times of the year!  Everything is blooming anew, the weather is warmer and things just look so much prettier!!  Being outside and feeling the warmth of the sun is pure joy for me!! I could spend DAYS in my Adirondack with my Bible, a good book, something cool to drink and some shades.  Just ask my husband.  😉
Every year I get a really bad case of spring fever.   As soon as school is over in the mornings we hit the door!  Which means that the inside to-do lists don’t go from “to do” to “to DONE” quite as quickly as they did in the winter.  But there’s more to life than a clean house right??  *sigh* yep!  That’s what I keep telling myself.

Along with this change in season, comes the celebration of Christ’s sacrifice.  What little my finite mind can comprehend of what He’s done for me…for all of us really…is truly awe inspiring.  I’ve been studying the life of David recently.  I have greatly enjoyed getting to know him better.  To be a man after God’s own heart, he messed things up a LOT!!  That gives me hope.  😉

The story of David taking the ark of the covenant back to Jerusalem brings up an interesting thought.  The ark is put on a new cart and hauled by oxen.  The oxen stumble and a man named Uzzah reaches out to keep the ark from falling.   And the Bible says that God’s anger burned against Uzzah and he died right then and there…without taking another breath nor step.  Because of this “outburst”, as David calls it, he gets angry with God and decides to leave the ark where it is and go home without it.

We get angry with God when we don’t understand His ways.  However, what we really don’t understand is just how holy God is.   I mean seriously holy!!  So holy that one cannot even touch nor see His presence and live.

Until Jesus.

When Jesus came to earth, He came to bring life and open the doors of intimate fellowship with our Holy God through His death and resurrection.  There is no longer an ark for the presence of the Lord to reside in.  He now dwells in me and He wants to dwell in you as well.
This truth is certainly worthy of our praise and celebration.

  Whew!!  I had no intentions of going there when I sat down and started this post but I’m glad I did.

Ok…so there’s really no good transition from what Jesus did for us to pastel M & Ms so I’m just gonna dive in!!
Pastel M & Ms are a favorite of mine and I thought how wonderful it would be to make gluten and egg free M & M cookies for my little ones to enjoy throughout the Easter season.  So I found what I thought was a good recipe and got to work on substituting and “transposing” it to be allergy free for us.This recipe has all of your basic cookie ingredients.  Butter, flour, sugar, etc…I even recruited some little hands to help with the fun….which is never hard to do around here.

If you look at this picture for about 15 seconds and then close your eyes, you can hear the distinct sound of….. …..M & Ms hitting the counter and floor.
But most of them made it to their intended destination and those that didn’t….we ate. 

Once everything was mixed well, I used my cookie scoop to scoop out the cookies.
Of course big sister hears all the fun happening and wants to take part too!

Then the girls topped each cookie with a few more M & Ms.Ta-Da!!  Don’t they look so nice???
They are all ready to go into the oven!Such sweet girlsAnd then I hear the oven timer ring, open the oven door and realize something has gone terribly wrong!!They’ve all spread out so much it looks like I have several giant cookies.  And it was ridiculously difficult to remove them from the pan!!  In this case, Pam did NOT help me pull it off!!

So after all our hard work, we ended up with a bowl full of cookie crumbs that we ate with a spoon.So…what went wrong??
Well, my initial assessment is that there was too much butter.  As I thought about things after the death of the cookies, I realized I had never made cookies with 2 whole stick of butter!!  Maybe if I had chilled the pre-baked cookies in the fridge for a few minutes they may have turned out better….who knows.  Plus you just never know how it’s going go when you are baking gluten free!

I was terribly disappointed these cookies weren’t cute but at least this was a delicious mistake right??

I pray you enjoy your Resurrection celebrations with your friends and families this weekend!!
Hugs to you and yours from the Sewells!!


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