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by Hope Sewell on September 19, 2012

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Happy Wednesday!!
We are half way through the week!!  It seems like the days and weeks are clicking off the calendar faster than I can keep up!
Wednesdays are super busy for us.
We have Community Bible Study  in the mornings, school after that and in the evenings we have a packed house for our Gospel Community Groups through our church.  It can get pretty wild around here on Wednesdays!!

We are settling into our school schedule rather nicely.  I can’t believe we’ve already been at it for 6 weeks!!  As we explore countries and cultures this year we’ll be doing an art project to go along with each country.  We started with the United States.  For the art project…we got a little dirty and made some dirty pictures. :)
How exactly did we make dirty pictures??

We painted with sand of course!!
What were you thinking??

Here’s what we used:
rubbing alcohol, food coloring, white school glue, gallon sized ziplock bags, plastic bowls, plastic spoons and measuring spoons

 You’ll also need some SAND!!
As you can see, I bought a bag of play sand but you can certainly use any light colored sand that you find anywhere.

 Put a good amount of the sand into several ziplock bags.  The amount of bags you use depends on the amount of colors you are wanting to make.

 Grab your bottle of rubbing alcohol.

 Measure out 2 tablespoons into a bowl and stir in some food coloring.

 The alcohol helps to distribute the color and because it evaporates quickly it doesn’t make mud.

 Pour this mixture into a bag of sand and give it a shake!!

 Shake! Shake! Shake!

 And shake it some more!!

 Repeat this process until you have all the colors that you want.  And then pour them into a bowl.

 By the way, this is definitely an outdoor project!!
Things can get a little dirty!!

Once you’ve colored your sand, get creative with some glue making designs on a sturdy, heavy weight paper.


It works just like glitter.




Somebody got tired of the glue and wanted to get really messy!!

And here are our finished projects!



I made one too but there was nobody who could take my picture.  I made a beach scene of course, complete with a sailboat!!

Sand painting is an art form given to us by our Native American friends from the Southwestern United States.
We had a fun time getting dirty!!

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