Life’s Messy!

by Hope Sewell on January 27, 2011

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It seems that in the blogger/facebook world everybody’s life is absolutely picture perfect!!  Have you ever noticed that???  The only “press” we’re going to publish about ourselves is the good stuff right??  We’ll only post pictures that show our perfectly cleaned house in the background and every hair is in it’s proper place.  Well, I’m here to prove today that my life is NOT picture perfect!  In fact, it’s messy.  But that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable.  Having cereal spilled on the table and floor, laundry constantly being backed up, and dishes in the sink will only last for a season.  You’ll see from the video below that Lilly’s hair hasn’t been brushed, she hasn’t changed out of her pajamas yet and she’s sure to have a snotty nose.  But she’s still cute and funny none the less! And the funny thing is, I was standing less than 2 feet from her when she made this mess!!  Ruthie and I were too engrossed in today’s math work to notice the school table being defaced!  I’m thankful for Mr. Clean and his magic erasers.  :)

So I guess I’m trying to say here that nobody’s life is perfect because life is MESSY!!!  And I can’t refrain from saying Bissell’s old campaign slogan: Life’s a MESS; Clean it up! 😉

All Clean!!  😉


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