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by Hope Sewell on March 3, 2011

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Well, today has been a fun, informative, and tiring day.  😉  We left this morning around 7:30 and headed to Birmingham.  Tobin and Lilly had a check-up with their GI doctor, Janaina Nogueira, at Children’s Hospital.

Lilly doing what little bit of sleeping she did on the trip.

Ruthie goes with us sometimes but a long car ride is totally inconvenient to her so she chose to spend the night with Nana and Papa last night and enjoy the day with Nana today.  I can’t say that I much blame her.

A sweet bouquet of flowers Ruthie brought home for me.  :)

Our trip went really well.  If you know Lilly (and you’re really missing out on something special if you don’t :) you know she LOVES to ride in the car!!  L-O-V-E-S it!!  And today was no different.  She had the best time sitting beside her big brother (she doesn’t normally sit next to him).  He took good care of her in helping her work her Magni-Doodle thing and getting her snacks.
Tobin was up early this morning and PUMPED to find out that he wasn’t having any surgery today….only a check up.  He enjoys getting away with mom and dad.

Here I am doing what I call “busy work”.  Filling out patient info sheets.  I promise you they throw these papers straight in the trash as soon as I hand them in!!  I HATE filling out the same papers EVERY TIME!!

Tobin got a FABULOUS report today. We reviewed the findings from his last scope. Eosinophils in numbers greater than 15 (per biopsy slide) are a problem and his last scope showed that he had 17. So that is GREAT!! That means that his Eosinophilic Esophagitis is being well managed and is under control thanks to his meds and diet. His height and weight looked good. He’s doing GREAT overall!

Lilly on the other hand still has some unresolved issues. Her last scope showed Eosinophils in numbers of 40 and above. After discussing some of her current symptoms Dr. Nogueira wanted to check for some other disorders as well so she had to give blood….20 MLs to be exact. :( No fun! The lab ladies were super nice and helpful. She screamed “take it off” the entire time. AND “go see daddy” who was waiting outside.  It made him smile big to know that she called for him!! :) So for now, the plan is to keep doing what we are doing with her while Dr. N gathers info and test reports. We’ll talk again in the next 2 weeks and form another plan according to the findings.  And we’ll be headed back in 3 months if not sooner.

 Although it’s a tiring day for us all we make sure we enjoy ourselves.  We had our normal stop at Whole Foods, which I always love!!  I could spend HOURS in there and walk up and down every aisle!!  We really love Birmingham.  It has become our second home over the past 7 years really.  I drove most of the way home today and NO we did NOT run out of gas!!!  yep…..done that before….while I was at the wheel!!  But I argue in a very determined manner that it was NOT my fault!!  😉
I hope you all had a very happy Wednesday today!!  I plan to take it slow and enjoy this BEAUTIFUL weather we are having tomorrow!!
Hugs and Kisses!!

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