A craft post turned baby shower!

by Hope Sewell on April 25, 2011

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I hope you all had a happy Easter!!  We certainly did!!

It seems that I move in and out of seasons in my life and I’ve just been in a very crafty season!!  😉  I LOVE to craft!  I wish I had all the time and money in the world to devote to my simple hobby but sadly, that’s not the case.  I mostly tend to craft around special occasions or when I need something that I don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for.  I recently hosted a baby shower for a sweet friend and I really wanted it to be super cute at an economical cost.  My grandmother tells me that I have champagne taste and a beer budget.  She’s not far off the mark there at all!!

I loved these sweet wreaths!!  I made these with tissue paper and Styrofoam!! They were so simple Ruthie did half of this one….in fact, she helped a lot in most of these little projects!  They all all so easy!  I did 2 wreaths and they ran me about $6 each.
 Diaper cakes are always a fun project.  I like these because not only do they serve as decor but the diapers are completely useable!  Mom can simply disassemble it when she’s ready to use them.  Ruthie helped A LOT here!  Tobin did too, I had a special job for him….he held the ribbon while I tied it.  That was the only job that wasn’t too girly! 😉
 I made three diaper cakes, 1 four tier, 1 two tier and I also made a 3 tier for a girl baby (my forgetful self didn’t get a picture of that one:( it was super cute too!)  I had about $8 in each cake….no lie!
 I have to give props to my Mother-in Law for the flower arranging here!  I received this sweet duck when Tobin was born and have saved it for such a time as this!  😉
 And here’s the sweet mother-to-be.  These are her 2 daughters and they have an older brother already and a baby brother on the way.
 This was going to be a craft post but I figured I’d go ahead and show you the rest of the shower!  😉
 The food was oh so delicious!!  We kept it simple.

Baby showers are so much fun!  I loved being able to host it here and I was so thankful for all the help I received with food, games, set up and clean up!!

I still have a few more crafts.  I’ll post more about those later.  I’ll give you a hint about my next one.  It involves sponges and water! See ya next time!!

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