The Church Persecuting Christians

by Hope Sewell on February 9, 2011

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I don’t have a large amount of time to write today….seeing as how I’m a wife and a mom of three…but something has just stood out to me this week.  You all know we home school our children (Tobin, kindergarten and Ruthie 1st/2nd grade…only a homeschooler would understand that:).  We use a curriculum that is a mix between the classical style of learning and Charlotte Mason’s style of learning and we do a pretty good amount of reading each day.  I LOVE to read myself and I really love reading with my children….and what’s even cooler is having one of my children read to me. 
This post isn’t about home schooling, it’s about something I’ve been reminded of this week.  Tobin and I read selections from one or more history books each day.  His kindergarten history starts at the beginning of creation and goes all the way to the end of time.  It really is a great overview of the things of the past and what we know of the future.  We began reading about the reformation of the Roman Catholic church this week and Martin Luther.  I was struck, dismayed, shocked, heart broken and every thing in between as we read how the church hated and persecuted Luther for his stance on what the Bible really says.  In 1500 the church was very powerful and very wealthy….hmmmm…sounds like a recipe for selfish “me monsters”.  The leaders no longer wanted people to be able to read the Bible for themselves.  They knew that if people read God’s word they would know the Truth and as we know, the Truth frees us from bondage.  The church even had people PAYING MONEY to buy their salvation!!!  When I asked Tobin what the real way to Heaven was his answer was….dying!!  And of course he said it with a look of “Mom you are so dumb if you don’t know that”.  :)  And if any of you readers doesn’t know the way to Heaven, it’s through faith in Jesus Christ.  It was Romans 1:17 that really hit home for Luther.
After reading the book of Romans, Luther wrote 95 things that were wrong with the Roman Church….how they had strayed from the Bible.  And can you believe this???  They HATED him for it.  Instead of being repentant of taking advantage of people and in all reality leading poor souls to hell they wanted to shut Martin Luther up….forever.  How much more blood on their hands did they want??  At the Diet of Worms (yep…we had a lot of fun with this one!!:) Luther was asked if he would turn away from his faith in Christ and the Bible alone.  His answer, “It is impossible for me to give up what I believe unless I am proved wrong by the Scripture….Here I stand.  God help me.  I cannot do otherwise.”
The church persecuting Christians sounds like a “long ago…in another time” kind of deal but it’s not.  We as believers do the same thing today.  We punish those who are standing up for what they believe the Bible says to be true because it makes us uncomfortable, it makes us question ourselves, it calls us to change our lifestyle or give up something we hold dear.  Only the Bible speaks truth about Christ and His church; not our opinions and preferences.  God help us if we don’t value His Truth above anything this world has to offer.
I often wonder what I would have done with Jesus had I lived in His time here on earth.  Where would I have stood with the issue of Martin Luther?  It seems that we’ve seen throughout time that favor from God often brings hatred from man. 
I pray I will always say along with Martin Luther, “It is impossible for me to give up what I believe unless I am proved wrong by the Scripture….Here I stand.”


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Nicole Green February 9, 2011 at 12:54 pm

Wonderful post, and something very beneficial to me this morning. Long story, I won't go into.

Also your blog looks BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Love, love, love the wallpaper. Okay I know that is a lame thing to say after reading such a deep post but it had to be said.

Have a blessed day!


Aron February 10, 2011 at 4:09 pm

I have really enjoyed reading your blog 😉 Thanks for all your great thoughts and sharing them!
-Aron N. Hinderliter


Hope Sewell February 10, 2011 at 5:00 pm

Thank you Nicole!! I tried really hard to make it cute! 😉 Seriously!! Normally I get my husband to do any sort of web work for me but this is the first time I've done anything like this all by myself. LOL!

Thank you Aron! Your family is BEAUTIFUL!!!


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