A Lovely Tradition

by Hope Sewell on February 14, 2013

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How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day??

I’ll be honest and admit (as I’ve done before) I’m not a huge fan of Cupid’s holiday.
The whole idea of chocolate, flowers, and dinner on the town has a feeling of superficiality to me.
My husband and I have regular date nights.  Flowers die and in my minimalistic mind are a total waste of money.  And goodness and my waistline knows that I do not need a box of chocolates!!

As a matter of fact, I have a large bag of “love” colored peanut M&Ms hidden in the top of my pantry as I write–no one knows they are there and by the time anyone gets suspicious the only evidence left will be the smell of chocolate on my breath. *sigh*  It’s a good thing M&Ms are not fermented!!

But back to the topic at hand….here in the Sewell house we don’t celebrate the 14th of February in the traditional way.  However, it is a great day of celebration laced with gifts and special treats for our children and time spent being together, laughing and enjoying each others’ company.

You would think it’s a National “everybody’s out of school and off of work” holiday if you talk to my children!  As you know, we homeschool the three of them.  My oldest said to me earlier in the week after talking with her public school friends, “Mom, can you believe that public schools are OPEN on Valentine’s day??”  My affirmative answer was in her eyes equivalent to the worst crime against children ever!!  Especially when I said we would most likely not take the entire day off ourselves!!
[Since that conversation, they’ve talked me into declaring February 14 a “no work” holiday in the Sewell house.]

Our day starts out with them waking up to a trail of paper hearts and candy leading them out of their bedrooms, down the stairs, and into a room that holds awaiting bags of goodies.  I think next year we’ll just leave up our Christmas tree and change the decorations to a LOVE theme.  Each holiday gets the same reaction!!

We’ll probably do lunch out and then end up at our favorite hang out at some point in the afternoon to enjoy coffee, chocolate milks made special by the barista, and books, books and more books.
Lunch at BW2

Let the reading begin!

It’s a fun time enjoying the ones I love.

Ever wonder how Valentine’s Day got started??
Well, it all began with a priest who defied a third-century Roman emperor who outlawed marriage.  The emperor made this law against marriage to keep his soliders from longing for home and their loved ones while on the battle field.  However, despite his logic, in taking away family and love he also took away the soldiers’ will to fight.  It was for their wives and children that they fought and died.
To the human heart, love and family are worth fighting and dying for.

Here’s a link from our favorite series in radio theatre, Adventures in Odyssey, on the story of Valentine’s day and the priest who is now known as St. Valentine.
To listen you can download on iTunes for $1.99.  It’s well worth it, especially if you have children.  It’s a little history lesson that is wrapped up in a fun and exciting adventure.
The Last I Do

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Sewells!!

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